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We are open most days of the year with a mix of accommodation for individuals and groups.

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Every Tuesday 7.30pm & Thursday 10am


Welcome to Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre

Welcome to CCHCWe are a small, friendly Christian Healing Centre where a warm welcome is offered to all. Situated in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it is just 4 miles from the coast in the Sussex High Weald. The beauty, peace and comfort of this place create an ideal setting in which to draw closer to God and experience his love.


It is all about the Kingdom of God

The saving, healing work of Jesus is all about Kingdom come/coming. Every time a person is drawn out of darkness, slavery or dis-ease it is a Kingdom moment. The kingly rule and authority of Jesus breaking into our world. Every time we allow Him to be King in our life or in a situation around us, the Kingdom has come.

The ministry of Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre is a Kingdom ministry where we seek to cooperate with Jesus (as junior partners) in the bringing in of His Kingdom.

Upcoming Events

  • Carols by Crowhurstlight

    A Christmas Celebration

  • House closed after 2pm on Monday 16th for Christmas

  • Healing Space - Christmas Recovery

    Guests are invited to use this protected time for their own personal retreat after the busyness of Christmas.

  • New Year Retreat

    New Year Retreat

  • Healing Space

    Guests are invited to use this protected time for their own personal retreat in the stillness of the house.

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Healing Services and Prayer

Healing Services: Tuesday 7.30pm & Thursday 10am. Drop-in prayer: Wednesday 2.15-3.45pm.

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Accommodation and Facilities


Enjoy the presence of the Lord here, our warm hospitality, delicious food and acres of space...

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Supporting Us

Phil & Suzie

This God given place flourishes thanks to the generousity of our supporters. 

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What People Say

"Surrounded by prayer and the presence of the Lord in these beautiful surroundings of tranquility."

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20/20 vision in 2020

Only about 35% of adults have 20/20 vision without corrective measures such as glasses.  First century Christians with vision problems would have either resigned themselves to the fact that everything was blurry or they would have improvised.  Nero, to shield his eyes from the sun, used a polished emerald to watch the gladiators fight. There are other stories of glass fish bowls being used to magnify text in books.  I wonder if Paul suffered from bad eyesight and whether his comment about seeing...

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Welcome from our Chaplains
Steve, Suzanne and David

Steve Gendall, Suzanne Owen and David Mayhew